"I feel more and more every day, as my imagination strengthens,
that I do not live in this world alone but in a thousand worlds."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ John Keats

The Spiral Columns of Apamea, Syria
Welcome to my site.  A special welcome to those who used to visit my (now defunct) Geocities site, and are now perusing this one!  My aim here is twofold: to invite you to explore some aspects of the world(s) that I find especially fascinating; and to share information about forthcoming events that I think you might want to know about.  This site is an evolving one, so feel free to revisit from time to time to enjoy what's new here.  I have a lot of material from my old website that I plan to upload to this one, and I will also periodically share fresh discoveries and enthusiasms. 

Why 'Apamea', you ask?  It's the name of a city in ancient Syria, fabled in Hellenistic and Roman times for the depth of its cultural life.  Apamea is likely where a philosopher named Iamblichus founded a school for the pursuit of wisdom around 300 AD.  Most of the writings of Iamblichus have been lost, and the city itself is now a vast, unexcavated ruin.  But somehow Apamea, perhaps more than anywhere else I've been, and the vision of Iamblichus, perhaps more than any other vision I've glimpsed, stir a deep yearning for something wondrous, hidden, beautiful and profound - something I've been seeking my whole life.  I don't expect that I will ever fully satisfy this yearning.  I doubt that the thirst for totality can be quenched in such a fractured wee thing as me.  But that's fine.  The quest itself has filled my life with a richness beyond words.

(And, speaking of quests, don't forget to put your cursor over the Special Events button at the top of this page, to deploy the drop-down menu!)   

Thanks for your interest in my interests, and best wishes for whatever your own quest may be. ~~ Leonard

Feel free to contact me via email.  Here is my address, but PLEASE NOTE: remove the initial 'z' before using - it's just there to delude spambots.  And you're not a spambot, are you?


Leonard (left) and Xanthia (right)
"The earth is not flat and neither is reality. 
Reality is continuous, multiple, simultaneous,
complex, abundant and partly invisible. 
The imagination alone can fathom this…"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jeanette Winterson

"The theist-agnostic-atheist spectrum of debate is too monochromatic for such a rainbow reality as this.   'Yes / Maybe / No' maps an epistemic range that doesn't quite capture 'beautiful' or 'imaginative' or 'loving', or even 'pink'. And certainly not 'Hermes', or 'Isis'."
~~~~~~~~~ Raven Trismegistus

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