THE ROAD TO ALEXANDRIA: The Search for Meaning in the Ancient World

This is a one-day seminar, to be held at the University of British Columbia (Point Grey Campus) on Saturday April 10, 2010.  It can serve as an appetizer and enticement for those considering going to Alexandria for the big conference in June 2011 (see the 'Ancient Alexandria' Special Event listing), or just as a pleasant day of intellectual exploration for anyone intrigued by the wisdom of the ancients.  This seminar is a version of one that I have presented in New York City a couple of times, but I have never given it in Vancouver before.  Here is the description from the UBC Continuing Studies calendar:

 Our world is being swept by an urge for deep change. A new approach to the planet must be grounded in a renewed approach to the self. This call to explore the links between the individual and the cosmic sides of life - the quest for meaning - is not new. Our ancestors heard it too. But in an era of credit crunch, Mars landers, climate change and MRIs, can the old insights still inform our quests today? In this special, one-day event, journey in imagination back to the schools and sages of Egypt, Syria, Greece and Rome to look in detail at four cultural manifestations of the quest for meaning: Philosophy, Hermetica, Mysteries and Oracles.

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