If you cheat, you will activate an ancient Egyptian curse, and you don't want that, I promise you.  Oh, you think I'm kidding.  Good - then you won't take precautions until it's too late... ISEE IAO ITHI OUNE BRIDO LOTHION NEBOUTOSOUALETH...

For the answers, scroll down a bit:

1. Parthenon from Keramikos, Athens (Greece)
2. Sunrise over Palmyra (Syria)
3. Wadi Rum (Jordan)
4. Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Isle of Samothraki (Greece)
5. Temple of Seti I, Abydos (Egypt)
6. Mouth of the Korykian Cave on Mt. Parnassos (Greece)
7. Medusa at the Temple of Apollo, Didyma (Turkey)
8. Dusk at Luxor (Egypt)
9. Cappadocian Landscape from Balloon (Turkey)
10. Temple of Apollo, Delphi (Greece)
11. Pyramid of Chephren and Sphinx, Giza (Egypt)
12. Euphrates River from Halabiye Castle (Syria)
13. Roman Theatre, Amman (Jordan)
14. Qait Bey, Site of the Pharos of Alexandria (Egypt)
15. 'The Monastery' above Petra (Jordan)
16. Saladin's Castle (Syria)
17. Pyramid of Djoser, Saqqara (Egypt)
18. Apamea (Syria)
19. On the Sacred Way, Eleusis (Greece)
20. Library of Celsus, Ephesus (Turkey)
21. Blue Mosque from Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Turkey)
22. Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut from Balloon, Deir el Bahri (Egypt)
23. Kiosk of Trajan, Philae (Egypt)
24. Site of Plato's Academy, Athens (Greece)

If you got 12 or more correct, you sure have my respect.  If you got them all correct, please vividly imagine wild applause, the playing of your national anthem (or Freddie Mercury singing 'We Are the Champions') and a sphinx presenting you with a jewel-encrusted necklace, or, if you prefer, a bottle of Sakkara beer (Egypt's finest).

Or, if you cheated - itchy yet?...

Sphinx of Hatshepsut at Memphis, Egypt

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