From June 4 to 23, the University of British Columbia will be hosting the annual Song Institute.  This venue is one of the very few opportunities for those who are interested in song from many different perspectives to gather and mull the mystery of song - musicians, musicologists, composers, music therapists, neuroscientists, historians, philosophers, psychologists, and anyone who celebrates this deep and rich side of human expression.  There will be performances, workshops, lectures, and more.  The plan is that I will give a talk entitled "Air and Eros: The Living Songs of Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499)", exploring the musical theories of this great Renaissance philosopher, musician, magician and physician - including his notion that musical performances create temporary living organisms from vibrating air, and that the subtle intercourse between these entities, the musicians and the listeners mediate the effects of music on the soul.  Do come.  Visit the VISI website for more information as the event firms up:

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